How To Be An Online Training Superstar!

Successful online students are independent, disciplined, organized, focused, and able to create and stick to set schedules. This blog post examines the key questions you need to answer to achieve your online-training goals and become an online training superstar!

The Five Ws and How (a.k.a., 5W1H) method gives you basic questions to ask when trying to solve a problem: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How. This method is commonly used by journalists when they write stories and by detectives when they attempt to solve crimes. The 5W1H method is versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications.

In this blog post, the 5W1H method is used to reveal the common characteristics and behaviors of successful online learners. This is so you can do the same things they do to become an online training superstar!

You already know the answer to Who. It’s you! So, we’ll skip that question and look at all the others. Let’s get to it!

Critical Questions You Need to Answer

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Be Consistently Engaged 

Online training superstars take time to engage with their instructors and fellow students learn and share. So, take initiative by (regularly) reading your course syllabus, reaching out to instructors, and connecting with other students.

Ask Questions and Make Comments

Get comfortable sharing your thoughts and asking questions virtually. Online training gives you extra time (not afforded by in-person learning) to reflect on and organize your thoughts before sending questions to instructors or interacting on discussion boards.

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Have a Dedicated Space

Online training superstars have dedicated training places they feel comfortable in. Not all students are alike; some do better outside, some in spaces inside their homes, and some in indoor spaces outside their homes. You may want to mix these up depending on the availability of trainng places and partners. 

Eliminate Distractions

Choose a training location where you won’t be distracted by other people or things going on. You might like to train at home where you can be near your family. Or you might want to go to a public park. Or maybe you prefer to have “personal time” alone in quiet place without others around. It’s your choice. Regardless, pick a location where you feel comfortable and can focus.

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Manage Your Time

Superstar students have a routine and aim to make progress every day. So, set up a manageable training schedule for yourself and stick to it. This is especially important after the novelty of starting a new program starts to wear off.

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Get Motivated

To be successful, you have to really want it. Online learning requires independence, internal motivation, responsibility, and a certain level of maturity. Have you thought about your personal reasons for starting an online-training program? Are you determined and self-motivated to keep going and succeed?

Review the syllabus for each of your courses. Create a long-term plan for completing your assignments and preparing to test. Write down your reasons for training and make a daily “To Do” list. Have fun checking things off the list as you complete them.

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Online training superstars are persistent. In fact, persistence is probably the biggest key to success. To succeed, you should be willing to tolerate technical problems, seek help when needed, run through every lesson and class, train daily, and keep going even when things get difficult.

Develop “Habits of Mind

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According to Marzano & Pickering, learning is largely determined by an individual’s attitudes and perceptions and their use of productive habits. When (1) you have a positive attitude and (2) you use productive habits, you’ll better (3) acquire and integrate knowledge, (4) extend and refine your knowledge, and (5) use your knowledge meaningfully.

These 5 elements have been proven to be related to learning success, and they’re fully captured via the 5W1H method.

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