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"I never thought about taking an on line course before, especially a martial arts course. But I'm extremely happy that I did. The bo staff training is amazing! The instruction is outstanding! It's actually better than being in an actual class. It's like having a personal trainer with the ability to rewind and review the classes until you learn every piece of the material. I literally can't wait to open my laptop everyday and go back to class! I'd honestly rate this course a 10 out of 10!"

Bob Hamilton  ( Student since 2015 )

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Several follow-along classes (30-40 minutes each), which are just like attending real “live” Ultimate Bo classes.

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Sarah Hill (student since 2017 )

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We're currently offering a FREE Ultimate Bo course so you can take your first step towards mastering the movements of the Bo. We even share with you how to make your own staff for training, and give you some amazing full-body workouts along the way. This is a NO-commitment offer with NO credit card details needed. Our hope is that you'll love learning the basics of Ultimate Bo from us so much that you'll sign up as a dedicated student.

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My story, 50 years old French Canadian, arthritis in the neck, ex smoker, and gaining weight, time to get in shape! But work a lots and living out of town! Always wanted to learn Bojutsu, start to look around , lol! No way I could find a full Bojutsu training in Canada. I Start to look online, just curious, and I find GMAU Bojutsu with Sensei Hodge! I’m pretty skeptical about training online. I still give it a try. At my surprise, I was really amazed by the material of this online course, lessons, classes, assignment, testing, quality of teaching, exchanges with others student, discussion board. I was really surprise when I did my first video testing, and Sensei hodge reply to me by video! And you can tell, this course is not only about money, Sensei Hodge really care about his student , we are not just a number! I took a chance with this course, and I got no regret, I’m so happy and dedicated to the end! Black belt! I’m coming!

Ken Atkinson
Ultimate Bo Student

GMAU has been a great opportunity for me to advance my skills at my pace and in my space – specifically during the pandemic. The staff is extremely helpful and responds quickly with comments and feedback. I definitely would recommend the program to anybody who wants to go the extra mile in their martial arts work.

Jennie Weber
Ultimate Bo Student

There are a lot of bo staff videos on youtube and I know people who use those to learn the staff. But I was looking for something that was more systematic. Something that would progress through a wide array of techniques and progressively build up from the basic techniques to the advanced. Something that would teach you both "the how" as well as "the why" behind the techniques. I wanted a program where someone would evaluate my progress and give feedback so I can objectively improve. You will never get that from watching youtube videos. GMAU Bo staff program is exactly what I was looking for. I have been training with GMAU for around 16 months.

Cyle Nelson
Ultimate Bo Student

Helllo, my name is Heather and I am training for my Yellow Chevron. I enjoy the training very much. It is a good workout and I love to swing that Bo! I am a Third degree Black Belt I’m TaeKwonDo but my school does not offer any weapons trading. I was very excited to find Global Martial Arts University so that I could add to my martial arts training. Thank you Sensei Michael!

Heather Malmberg
Ultimate Bo Student

I am a 3rd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate. I've been with GMAU for more than 2 years now, starting with Ultimate Bo, which I am currently still studying but I've also completed the Certified Martial Arts Teacher (CMAT) course. Since studying Ultimate Bo (UB) with the GMAU I must say that my life has honestly been transformed. I had always wanted to learn about the various weapon systems of Martial Arts but where I'm from (Trinidad and Tobago) it wasn't easy getting access to the training. Thankfully I came across an online add for UB and thus began my journey of studying the Bo staff. The beautiful thing about learning anything with GMAU is their attention to detail when teaching lessons. The instructors take their time and go step by step through every bit of each move, with varying angles to give you a sort of personal feel to each lesson. You also get real instructor feedback through videos and messages and you can also message your instructors with questions. It all comes together to give you a learning experience that is truly second to none. With the ability to learn at your own pace, re-watch lessons over and over and have personal interactions with your instructors, I can 100% recommend starting a course with GMAU.

Leo Grant
Ultimate Bo Student

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We're currently offering a FREE Ultimate Bo course so you can take your first step towards mastering the movements of the Bo. This is a no-commitment offer with no credit card details needed. Our hope is that you'll love learning the basics of Ultimate Bo from us so  much that you'll sign up as a dedicated student.

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