Know Your Weapon: Nunchaku

So you want to learn nunchaku? To do so, you have to get your own practice set. There are many options available. You can make your own or buy your own. In doing so, you’ll need to decide on size, texture and attachment type. This blog post will inform you about options and help you choose the right combination for your needs.

GMAU Programs: Which One Is Right For You?

Global Martial Arts University has multiple program options. But you may be asking: “Which one is right for me?” In this blog post I am sharing details about each of our martial arts programs to provide you critical information that will aid in deciding on a best fit. I

Starting Martial Arts Over 40: What You Need to Know

The American Heart Association has identified physical activity as one of the “Life’s Simple 7” lifestyle factors that have tremendous impacts on health and well-being. Your martial arts training can be a great way for you to do something you enjoy while also improving your health in numerous ways. Middle aged and older adults must take some precautions when training. This blog post – which is packed with LOTS of information – delves into those precautions and also provides useful information and resources to help you get started (and stay on track) with your training.

How to Stay Motivated & Committed to Black Belt

Training in a Global Martial Arts University (GMAU) program gives you an amazing opportunity to earn a black belt (or equivalent) in one or more of our programs. Because all our courses are online, you can easily learn, practice, and earn rank at your own pace and location.But the path to black belt is not an easy …

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Create a Training Schedule for Success

At the Global Martial Arts University (GMAU), you can become super successful and earn a black belt (or equivalent) in any of our programs. But like in anything, only when you train regularly and stick to it will you realize the ultimate success of martial-art mastery. Some students tell us they find it difficult to consistently fit …

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