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Oct 23

The 3 Most Common Street Attacks & How to Defend Them

By Joel Williams | Krav Maga

You train hard and you practice a lot. But are you actually “ready” for a real life physical confrontation? Maybe so, maybe not… There is really only one way to know for sure, right? Just find yourself in a situation where you have to actually use your knowledge and skills. None of us truly want that – but at the end of the day, if you are serious about using your martial arts skills for self-defense, it’s all about being prepared. One way to train specifically to defend ourselves is to organize your training to ensure you are as prepared as possible to defend yourself against the most probable (or common) attacks. That is exactly what the GMAU Krav Maga program does – it teaches you how to defend yourself against the most common attacks. Want to know more? Then keep reading!

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Oct 18

Rank Up Podcast: Instructor Evaluation Checklist

By Michael Hodge | Instructors

How can you objectively evaluate your performance as a martial arts instructor? Not just by looking at retention, students quitting, and the numbers. In this episode, I will take you through an entire classroom evaluation, one that you can use as a litmus test to check yourself (before you wreck yourself).

  • Ways to evaluate your performance without a mentor.
  • What to look for in every section of the class (before class, warm up, skill drill, curriculum sections, mat chat, game, announcements).
  • What separates world-class instructors from no-class instructors.
  • Included a printable Instructor Classroom Evaluation .pdf!

Question of the day: “What is your favorite equipment to use during class?”

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Oct 07

Rank Up Podcast: You’re Wasting 80% Of Your Time (And How To Fix That)

By Michael Hodge | Instructors

Did you realize that you’re wasting 80% of your time? And sometimes, I am too! This episode is about making you more productive – doing the right things – and less of the things that are interrupting you, and taking you out of deep work. What we’ll cover:

  • The four zones (incompetence, competence, excellence, and genius).
  • Immediate actions to increase productivity.
  • How to use your smartphone, instead of letting it use you.
  • More intelligent ways to use email and communications in general.
  • Personal hacks that allow me to get more things done than the average person.
  • How to actually do the work that you love doing.
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Sep 28

Modern Applictions of Old-School Hojo Undō Training: The Secret to More Power, Endurance and Conditioning

By Joel Williams | Home Study Students

Hojo undō (補助運動) is a Japanese word that means “supplementary exercises” utilizing various types of traditional equipment that can be traced back to ancient Chinese martial arts. Hojo undō training is used to develop muscular strength, endurance, power, speed, and strong posture required for martial arts. This training is also used to develop mental toughness and resilience. The purpose of this blog post is to provide the reader with an overview of Hojo undō and stimulate a desire to explore these traditional methods to augment one’s mental and physical fitness.  

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Sep 11

Rank Up Podcast: How to Schedule a School Talk Every Week of the Year

By Michael Hodge | Instructors

At my school, we have the goal of doing a full school presentation every week or a flyer approval. One year, I personally presented to over 20,000 students in the area, which resulted in many new students! Not to mention, becoming partners in education with all of my local schools, which are invaluable relationships for years to come. In this episode, I will teach you how to:

  • Create your own school presentation. One that is so good that schools would want to pay you to present.
  • Schedule the presentations. Exactly who to contact, what to say in the email, in the phone calls, and follow-up steps.
  • The types of school talks that you can do.
  • Alternative methods for becoming a partner in education with a school.

And, this week’s question: “Can you discuss some important legal compliance related to starting a school?”

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Sep 04

Rank Up Podcast: My Biggest Instructor Pet Peeves

By Michael Hodge | Instructors

Today I will go over 17 of my biggest instructor pet peeves. I’ve seen my own instructors do these in the past, and not only do these actions annoy me, but they raise a big red flag. Are you doing any of these?

  • Checking your phone during class.
  • Allowing for kids and spectators to run wild before or during class.
  • Doing the same warm up every class.
  • Having your students remain idle during a drill.
  • And we will discuss many more.
  • Question of the week: Do I really need a black belt to provide self-defense classes?”
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Sep 01

How to Fund and Start a Martial Arts School

By Joel Williams | Instructors

Starting a martial arts school can be a daunting task. It seems easy enough, just rent a space, get some mats, and do what you love – right? Well, for many, getting into the numbers, funding, business plan, pricing, marketing, lease, build-out, can get a little tricky.

To help de-mystify the very first stage or launching a school – funding your school – I interviewed five successful school owners. This group of individuals come from very different backgrounds, from teaching karate to krav maga, to working in law enforcement to designing jewelry. They all used different tactics to fund and launch their school. Here are their stories.

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