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"I cannot say enough good things about Global Martial Arts University. I had always wanted to study Shotokan Karate, and through life's twists and turns, never had the opportunity. Two years ago, after moving to Texas and discovering that there were no local dojo’s that I could attend that would fit my schedule, I started searching online. I came across Global Martial Arts University and couldn’t have been happier. Not only am I able to train and earn real rank through GMAU, but I can train anywhere, anytime, on my own schedule! Not to mention that the guidance and one on one instruction from Sensei John and Sensei Michael, is something that is rare to find at ANY dojo. Over the past 2 years I have not only learned so much physically, but I have also been able to make significant improvements with battling panic disorder. Something that I have battled my entire life. I am currently a yellow belt and will soon be testing for my orange. My journey has only just begun, and I am proud to be a part of Global Martial Arts University!"

Robert Hughes  ( Shotokan Student since 2017 )

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More than 5 follow-along classes (30-40 minutes each), which are just like attending real “live” Shotokan Karate classes.

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We're currently offering a FREE Shotokan Karate course so you can take your first step towards protecting yourself and getting in great shape. This is a no-commitment offer with no credit card details needed. Our hope is that you'll love learning the basics of Shotokan from us so  much that you'll sign up as a dedicated student.

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If you’re on this page and you want to learn Shotokan Karate and finally start your martial arts journey, this is the community you need. Yeah, I know this is an online course but let me explain...

At this time we're living in, I believe that online courses are a legitimate way to learn new skills and that includes Shotokan Karate. GMAU looks after its own students and helps you progress one step at a time. Even sending you a video answering your questions (they actually did that when I had a question) and I appreciate that.

So, look no further and just join this great community of martial artists.

Javier Velazquez
Shotokan Student

The website works well. The videos are well done and Sensei Hodge is a very good teacher. Not only is he good at explaining how techniques work but he understands how to motivate people and help them to be patient, doing one thing at a time.
If you always wanted to try karate, this is the place to do it (and at a reasonable price).

Jeremy Royaux
Shotokan Student

I totally enjoy GMAU and my study of Shotokan Karate. I am able to practice at my own pace at the time that is convenient for me. The training is no joke. The fact that I am able to ask my Sensei questions at any time is great.

James LaForge
Shotokan Student

As a husband and father, finding the time to train at a dojo had been very difficult. When I found GMAU, I was beyond excited to be able to train at my convenience, in my own home. What I didn't expect was the AMAZING Senseis and training programs that came along with GMAU. Aside from actual dojo level training, being able to speak with your Senseis 1-on-1, and have individual questions answered is something that many physical dojos may not have the time to address ... I can’t recommend this great organization enough!

Robert Hughes
Shotokan Student

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We're currently offering a FREE Shotokan Karate course so you can take your first step towards protecting yourself and getting in great shape. This is a no-commitment offer with no credit card details needed. Our hope is that you'll love learning the basics of Shotokan from us so much that you'll sign up as a dedicated student.

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