Master Muay Thai from Home. 

  • The ability to defend yourself and use the power of your "eight limbs"
  • An incredible total-body focused style, which will shred fat and build lean muscle
  • Real rank at your own pace with one on one feedback
  • All of it at the fraction of the cost of a traditional studio

Take advantage of this chance to get into the best shape of your life with our no commitment FREE beginners course!

Photo of Nick Vasallo, GMAU Muay Thai Instructor

Nick Vasallo, GMAU Instructor and Student

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Our Students See Real Results or Their Money Back.

Join 1,000s of students in more than 50 different countries who are getting stronger and training with us every day.

Dedicated to YOUR Muay Thai Journey

Train Whenever, Wherever

With the Global Martial Arts learning platform you can train wherever you want to, across your favorite devices, at a time that works best with your schedule.

Fraction of the Cost of a Tradition Studio

Traditional Muay Thai studios can cost hundreds of dollars a month, with GMAU you will have everything you need to learn how to defend yourself for as little as $16.25/month (with the Path to Black Belt plan). Save thousands on your path to advanced level 6 ranking!

Learn Muay Thai from Home on Your Schedule

We custom tailor the learning process for you to be able to learn in the comfort of your own home. No more having to rush to get to a session or being one in a crowd. Your journey to Muay Thai mastery is yours and we focus on you by providing exclusive one on one feedback.

GMAU Muay Thai Instructor and Student

Coach Nick Vasallo

( GMAU Muay Thai Instructor )

Watch How the Course Works

GMAU has been teaching Martial Arts online since 2008 and we are excited to be launching this new course!

Ready for a Stronger and Faster You?

We are currently offering a FREE Muay Thai course so that you can take your first step towards protecting yourself and the ones you love. This is a no commitment offer with no credit card details needed. Our hope is that you love learning the basics of Muay Thai from us and using our proven online teaching method that you sign up as a dedicated student.

Course Overview 

Your Path to Mastery

Our Muay Thai program will give you everything you need to learn the ancient art of self defense from our education platform to one on one feedback.

Feel Stronger and Faster by Training Muay Thai at Home & at Your Own Pace.

Muay Thai training is a dynamic total body workout. The punches, blocks, kicks, and sparring drills give you a cardio workout while utilizing all muscles groups during a class.

Be more confident through learning real self defense applications and traditional fighting methods.

A Complete Guided Course from Beginner (Level 1) to Black Belt Equivalent (Level 6).

Every technique is instructed in an easy to follow format, showing multiple angles, and home training drills. All filmed in our new studio in HD.

With dozens of complete follow-along classes, which include a warm up, technique training, drills, conditioning, and stretching.

Fresh Training Every Month, with New Ways for You to Practice and Progress.

New training lessons and classes release every month. There is always something new to do.

New tools are being added to the GMAU student dashboard to make training at home fun and successful.

Earn Real Rank and Get Instructor Feedback from Seasoned Instructor.

Once you’ve learned the rank requirements and logged enough hours, you can submit your video test!

Ask your instructor questions, and get video reviews with corrections and feedback.

Nick Vasallo, Your Muay Thai Instructor

Instructor Support With Anytime Feedback

Follow along classes and workouts. Just like being in the dojang with your Instructor. The classes include a warm up, technique instruction, drills, variety, and stretching to keep your training fun and different.

Message Your Instructor and Get Your Progress Reviewed Anytime.

Interact directly with your instructor whenever you need guidance.

Submit a video for review and corrections if you need some extra support.

Find a Training Partner with the Student Locator.

Easily locate and connect with other GMAU students in your area.

Start a “Global Garage” and start training with friends.

Train with other near by students with the student locator

Earn Accredited Rank in Muay Thai at Home

You can test and achieve accredited rank in Muay Thai, through our proven video testing and feedback process.

Test and Receive Detailed Feedback and Corrections from Your Instructor.

Submit your video test. No negativity or anxiety, we use testing as a form of improvement and progress.

Receive a personalized feedback video and detailed guidance from your instructor.

​Once You Pass, We will Mail you the Official Certificate of Rank.

After all of that hard work, you deserve the officially accredited certification.

Certificates issued are the same as those awarded to students training with us locally.

Hear From GMAU Students

My base karate school did not offer weapons training. Once I earned my Black Belt, I was on the hunt for a tradition weapons class. I have always wanted to learn the bo, but the classes in my area were not convenient. I needed something that would work with my busy schedule.

GMAU offers the convenience I was searching for. I can train and study anywhere at any time with an internet connection. Everything is self paced, so if life happens, you can take a break and then jump back in. The lessons and classes are very thorough and easy to follow. The Ultimate Bo course also requires that you train on your own for better results.

In September 2019, I competed in the weapons division for the first time ever at a tournament and placed first. Not only was this a boost in confidence, but I'm even more motivated to learn all that I can, so that I can potentially bring a legit weapons system to my school, or start something on my own.

Tiffaney Dildy
Ultimate Bo Student

My name is Jonathan Martin. I am 38 years old. I began training in martial arts around the age of 8. Even though I’m a Black Belt (and an instructor) in traditional karate, I’ve always wanted to learn Krav Maga. The problem was, I couldn’t find a reputable (and affordable) school close to me. Then, I discovered Total Krav Maga from Global Martial Arts University. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The classes are well planned, and everything is explained perfectly. Every technique is thoroughly explained and demonstrated, and leaves no question as how to perform it. The instructors relate the course material to real world scenarios and they are always quick to respond if you have a question. I’m able to watch the classes on my own schedule, and the instructor feedback is fantastic (thank you Mr. Koppel)!

I am fortunate to be able to train with a friend (also a black belt karate instructor) that signed up for Total Krav Maga when I did. We train together every week, and we both look forward to our next training session. We have a set schedule of training on our own, and then really push the pace when we train together. We’re only a few months in, and we’re already noticing how much better shape we’re in. We’re stronger, faster, and our cardio has improved dramatically. The warm up drills and workouts in Total Krav Maga are no joke! We are becoming a lot more confident in our ability to defend ourselves and others, and we always look forward to learning something new. We love the class drills, and having a great training partner makes the course even better.

If you’ve ever thought about learning Krav Maga, you NEED to enroll in this course! The website/student dashboard is top notch and easy to navigate. You can literally click one button and directly message your instructor if you have any questions. Enroll now. You’ll be glad you did.

Jonathan Martin
Krav Maga Student

This course is perfect for people with busy schedules. The instruction of sensei Jon is superb and very easy to understand. It's perfect for a beginning student or a black belt.

Joe Marin
Shotokan Karate Student

I am enjoying the Taekwondo classes. Mr. Gerrald starts us out from the get go on conditioning, (which I need so much more of). I want to get lots more flexible than I am. I know my age may interfere with that but I am eager to continue learning. I’m more flexible now than three years ago but still not where I’d like to be.

Thelma Bradshaw
Taekwondo Student

The course is great enjoy it very much. Bo staff is something I always wanted to do since I was a teenager. Trying to get other family members involved.
I am currently retired and my doctor stated I need to get in better shape for my body and to keep learning new things to keep my mind in shape.
Bo Staff aids with both of these. Having to learn the new forms and remember them helps my mind and doing the forms and basic movements many times helps my body. Also attempting to learn sign Language and Spanish.

Nate Johnson
Ultimate Bo Student


Choose What Works for You

Fraction of the cost of a traditional studio and an unparalleled guarantee.



Simple and flexible plan where you

pay month to month.

All Lessons & Classes From Level 1 to Level 6

Connect & Train With Students in the Course

Accredited Rank Testing & Advancement

Instructor Support, Feedback & Guidance

Fresh Training Material Added Monthly

Cancel Anytime

Per Month Payment

60 Day Money Back Guarantee



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Pay for six months at a time

to save even more.

All Lessons and Classes from Level 1 to 6

 Connect and Train with Other Students

Fresh Training Material Added Monthly

Accredited Rank Testing & Advancement

Instructor Support, Feedback & Guidance

Pay $179.70 Every Six Months (Save 25%)

Cancel Anytime

Per Six Month Payment

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

3 Payments of


Path to Black Belt

Most Value

Get your level 6 certification with a path to black belt membership.

 Instant Access to Entire Course

All Lessons and Classes from Level 1 to 6

Fresh Training Material Added Monthly

Accredited Rank Testing & Advancement

Instructor Support, Feedback & Guidance

Access to a three year membership!

Save Over $1000 on Your Journey to Advanced Skill

Three Monthly Payments

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Unparalleled Guarantee

When You Sign Up, We Guarantee You Will Love It or Your Money Back.

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