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We are currently offering a FREE Krav Maga course so that you can take your first step towards protecting yourself and the ones you love. This is a no commitment offer with no credit card details needed. Our hope is that you love learning the basics of Krav Maga from us and using our proven online teaching method that you sign up as a dedicated student.

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Hi, my name is Gavin, I am from Germany, 44 and I practice Wing Tjun over 2 years together with my wife Anja.

Martial Arts is a good way for us to improve mental, fitness and self-defense. But also i loved watching people using traditional weapons with the awesome movements like shaolin monks do.

My wish to learn to handle such a traditional weapon was first awakened in the summer of 2017. In Wing Tjun we will not get teached in the traditional weapon bo, just the long bo with just one boring form without any sense of self defence character. It is just a lesson to improve the upper body condition and strength. This idea behind was not my goal. So I researched in my neighborhood where there is a school that teaches Kobudo. Unfortunately I had to find out disappointed that there is really no single school I could visit without having to do half a world trip. So first I was content to buy a rattan bo and check some cool tricks here and there from the videos found on Youtube and practice them on our home loft. The space was big enough to whirl around with the stick.

The imitation of forms of the Shaolin fighters has led me sometime to the point that I had reached my limits of deeper understanding and had not really progressed here. On the one hand I was motivated and at the same time completely overwhelmed by the mix of different styles, techniques and simple tricks of the well known toothpick-specialists.

I can still remember when between all these videos on youtube I happened to notice a class video from Ultimate Bo and immediately hooked up the way this lesson was built. The video had immediately animated to participate. Logically and structured like a real training lesson with warm-up technical part and cooldown. I had really absorbed this video.

The way Michael Hodge works here and conveyed his knowledge convinced me immediately to have a look at the homepage of Global Martial Arts University to inform about how the course is working. Of course, I also had initial doubts whether I can actively pursue this course over a longer period of time without losing interest in it after a short time.

After I finally decided to enroll in Ultimate Bo in September 2017, I was completely convinced that I had made the right decision during my first visit to my personal training area. Each training video was motivation to continue here. Achieving this attitude through an online course and the distance and keeping students in the mood requires great effort and thoughtful approach.

I remember exactly when I first saw Bo Kata 1 in the training videos section. I have to admit that for the first time I had a short-term feeling, "Oh dear, there you have something planned!" Today I am heading for the graduation of the Blue Chevron Level and smilingly look back to the first beginnings with many heights and deep ones. Days on which everything had run smoothly and those on which you would have thrown the Bo out of the window. But Michael Hodge and the community does not leave a student in the lurch and is always backwind to keep up the motivation.

And it will continue and never end the supposed successes that have been achieved with the graduations at Ultimate Bo to elaborate in more detail until these are finally in flesh and blood.

I'm proud to be a student under Sensei Michael Hodge of Global Martial Arts University. All that is missing is the greatest honor: to train with Sensei Michael and my colleagues together having fun and make a great party with barbecue or something typical american cool things after we have finished the lesson. Maybe this will never be possible due to the distance and the costs for the flight. For this reason, a photo of Him is hanging in my training room so that I can express my honor and respect in my own way as I do this also to my Master in Wing Tjun.

On GMAU i have found the best way to practice with structured lessons helping me to learn this interesting martial arts style from the really beginning teached by a shining example like Sensei Michael Hodge.

He opened up my horizon to apply what i have learned by now to my own martial arts style and also my personal mindset in the area of life. If you also like to go this way enrolling this course is highly personal recommended!

Gavin Huhoff
Ultimate Bo Student

Global Martial Arts University is a cutting-edge martial arts training program. I cannot speak highly enough of them.

I started with GMAU’s Ultimate Bo program in February of 2018, and I absolutely love this program. To start, any time I have a question or comment, I can email Sensei Michael (the Ultimate Bo instructor) and he responds within a couple of days, if not the same day. Many see the lack of direct instructor oversight as a negative side of home training, but I prefer it, as I have learned not only to ask the right questions, but to find ways to answer them. By the time I finish composing the email with my questions to Sensei Michael, I have already answered them myself!

Another awesome part of my home training with GMAU is that I get to interact with other Ultimate Bo students. In the Discussion Board, we can share ideas, critique each other, and even lead our own classes. It feels like I am actually training with other students because of all the great videos and insights posted. Another thing I like is the training itself. For each rank level, there are certain requirements you must meet to test, and if your pass, advance to the next rank. There is no question what I need to be working on, because the requirements, such as techniques, training hours, and assignments are all clearly outlined on the GMAU sight. Again, if I have any questions, I can just email Sensei Michael and he will respond promptly.

Probably my favorite part of the Ultimate Bo course is the curriculum itself. I think any traditional martial art should have an even balance of traditional techniques, such as kata (pattern) in karate, and practical application, like kumite (sparring), also in karate. In Ultimate Bo, we have our traditionally based techniques, that we practice in the form of combinations and patterns, and we also have combat bo, the section of our course where we focus on the practical (combat/self-defense) application of our bo. Like I said, I enjoy practicing the traditional stuff, but without the combat bo it wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

Right now, I am a Green Chevron in the Ultimate Bo program, and I am training frequently to achieve my Blue Chevron. An awesome aspect of my GMAU home training is that I can train any day, any time. This is something that no brick and mortar martial arts school can boast. This allows me to get way more training than I normally would in, because I train on my schedule, when I feel like it. If I am taking an online class (watching a video), I can pause or skip ahead any time. If I need to stretch out a certain muscle group after the warmup, I can pause the video and stretch it out. If I recognize a problem in my pattern, I can pause the class and work on it a little bit before I move on. If I am crunched for time and am already proficient at a section of a class, I can skip to what I need to work on. Even private lessons at a physical dojo don’t have these advantages.

So far I have only listed good things, but I would say there is only one real negative part, and I don’t think that is really a true negative aspect, but rather a good point to train yourself on. That is:


Having the freedom to train anytime means you have the freedom to not train at all, so you have to condition yourself to stick to a schedule, maybe have a training buddy to be accountable to, and log your progress. I think of myself as a self-motivated person, so this aspect of training usually isn’t a problem for me. However, sometimes I just don’t feel like training, and that is when I have to fall back on my training buddy, and tell myself “In 15 minutes, I’m going to get my bo and train for 30 minutes, practicing x, y, and z.” Like I said, this isn’t really a negative point as much as it is a good area in which to train yourself.

I know this is a lengthy review, but there are just so many good things to say about GMAU and their Ultimate Bo program.

Levi Potter
Ultimate Bo Student

I like Ultimate Bo very much because at 62 and with psoriatic arthritis it was something I could do, along with a lower back issue to boot, I was surprised when that it actually helped me. I found that Ava day I don't train, my back bothers me.
I like being able to train at my pace at a cost that I can afford.
I was impressed by the speed at which Sensei Hodge responds to emails.
I can't wait to progress to next chevrons and plan to try Shotokan Karate.

James LaForge
Ultimate Bo Student

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We are currently offering a FREE Krav Maga course so that you can take your first step towards protecting yourself and the ones you love. This is a no commitment offer with no credit card details needed. Our hope is that you love learning the basics of Krav Maga from us and using our proven online teaching method that you sign up as a dedicated student.

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