Spreading Abundance to People and Projects in Need

An Open Letter to All,

When you help others, you help yourself. Literally. I am not just talking about getting some warm and fuzzy feeling in return, but actual physical means as well. When you learn to trust in giving and the idea of abundance (rather than exclusivity and disparity), positive things start to sprout up in your own life. A new work opportunity, a new mentor, a new book which shows you the way, funds are sent your way when in need, you find a car or house just when you need it, etc.

The Abundance Projects was created to spread abundance, opportunity, health, wisdom, and an elevated state of living to everyone in the world. The purpose of “The Abundance Projects” is simple: for the best and highest good of all. Rather than just being some fanciful, rarefied Utopian idea that we chat about around the fireplace; it is an action-oriented organization.

I un-officially started “The Abundance Projects” back in 2014. I started to let go of the old-world structures of grasping, hoarding, holding on. I thought that the only way to be successful and have security for my family was to save money, to watch out for my own, and to be a shrewd investor/business person of sorts. I have never been one to purchase lavish materialistic knick-knacks, but at the same time, there was mindset of lack. I began to donate more money to various charities and people in need, even at a point in time when my own family was on a thin budget. I am not saying that we were deeply in trouble, but there was a general air that we needed to buckle down (we just had our 2nd child). I had a satori. It seemed that whenever I did donate/pass on energy to others, I never fell down the hole, we seemed to be okay. That fear of not having enough has literally never materialized after passing along energy like this. (money of course is just a form of energy being transferred back and forth for various outputs, rather it be working with your body or brain, or selling a physical item or idea).

Many people think, “How can I give someone $50? I don’t even have enough money for my kid’s karate classes this month, etc.” Of course, many people are in dire situations, and definitely need to put themselves first. But, if you happen to be in a circumstance of reasonable privilege, take these opportune points into deeper consideration.  I don’t want this to turn into an opinion piece, judgmental article, or philosophical rant – that is not the point here.

What I am trying to explain, is that spreading abundance is really important to me (and the entire GMAU team). We truly believe in putting the best and highest good ahead of our own self-serving desires. We continue to be committed to donating about 10% of our surpluses (profit) each month to abundance projects. I hope in due time that we can expand this to an even larger number.

I think that it is okay to be in business, it is okay to provide great value for others and to take care of your family for it. There is nothing wrong with creating, innovating, growing, and making positive waves throughout the world. But, I don’t want to do all of that, and eventually only have a luxury car and a few nice vacations to show for it. Let’s come together, and change the way businesses and people interact.

I want to be completely straight with you. This is not for publicity, this is not a marketing-scheme, “The Abundance Projects” was not born with the intention of selling more stuff. The Abundance Projects is not so much a “side-project” but just something that we choose to interlace within our lives and work. This is not really a charity or a registered 501(c)3. We are not even asking for donations at all. I simply want to communicate with all of our followers about The Abundance Projects - and encourage you to give out your own time, talent, and treasure. Circulate don't stagnate.


Michael Hodge

What are The Abundance Projects?

Any project that is created and fulfilled with the purpose of spreading abundance. Some of the projects that we support on a monthly basis or frequently:

At this time, we are supporting various abundance projects around the world, and actively looking to get involved with more.

Suggest a Person or Project

Do you know of someone in need? Or a project worth supporting? Please suggest it to us below! We will do our best to get back with you soon, and let you know if we can help out right now. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Our organization’s surplus can only support so many projects at the moment, but the idea is, to have that abundance exponentially grow while helping others.

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