Rank Up Podcast: Instructor Evaluation Checklist

By Michael Hodge | Instructors

Oct 18

How can you objectively evaluate your performance as a martial arts instructor? Not just by looking at retention, students quitting, and the numbers. In this episode, I will take you through an entire classroom evaluation, one that you can use as a litmus test to check yourself (before you wreck yourself).

  • Ways to evaluate your performance without a mentor.
  • What to look for in every section of the class (before class, warm up, skill drill, curriculum sections, mat chat, game, announcements).
  • What separates world-class instructors from no-class instructors.
  • Included a printable Instructor Classroom Evaluation .pdf!

Question of the day: “What is your favorite equipment to use during class?”

Download the Instructor Classroom Evaluation Checklist

The free Instructor Classroom Evaluation, from the CMAT course.

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I am a Lead Instructor at the Global Martial Arts University. I live with my three energetic kids on a prairie in Texas. I also lead The Abundance Projects.

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