Is Your Personality Type Holding You Back from Succeeding in Online Martial Arts?

By Michael Hodge | Home Study Students

Jan 20

This is a guest post authored by Adam Bein, currently a yellow belt in the Global Martial Arts University Shotokan Karate program. He maintains a helpful blog for other shotokan home study students.

You’ve signed up to learn Shotokan Karate through the Global Martial Arts University.  You pay your fee and you’ve begun to watch videos and practice.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know what hurdles YOU face studying martial arts online due to YOUR specific personality type-that other people who have a personality type different from yours, do NOT have to deal with or face?  Another way to look at this; how does your type of personality get in the way of advancing in online martial arts training? Furthermore; how can you leverage the benefits of YOUR personality type to maximize returns and advancement in online martial arts training?  The big question is: Is understanding your personality type key to excelling and progressing, and not dropping out of, online martial arts training? I say “Yes. Understand yourself and your chances of advancement in online martial arts training are significantly greater.”

So What Type of Personality Do I Have?

There  is a personality categorizing test called the ‘Kiersey Temperament Sorter‘ (sometimes known as the Meyers Briggs Personality Test), that, through a series of approximately 80 questions, any individual can find what personality type they have/dominates them, how they function and perceive the world around them, how people with that personality type make decisions, what they prefer, their needs, and their motivation.  

The Member

Are you a person who leans towards membership, being part of a community, finds comfort in functioning in a group setting? You might excel in online martial arts training if you get other people to join your endeavor in a weekly meeting.   Ask family members, people from your church, youth group, other clubs or organizations to join you. Together all of you can learn Karate. This might be exactly what you, and they, need, is a good fit-group learning Karate with Global Martial Arts University.  Succeed and advance as a group or a team.

The Perfectionist

Are you a person who strives on improving, perfection, to have skill or knowledge, to understand?  Are you extremely self-critical, self-doubting, yet you have an inquiring attitude? Consider toning down your tenseness.  You more than the other personality types must learn to accept the mistakes and imperfections that you exhibit on your way to being proficient. You WILL reach competency!  You WILL excel at Karate! You are never on the verge of failure-you are an exciting, brave individual and you WILL be skilled! You might need to ‘take it down a notch’, and ‘relax’.  Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey – with Global Martial Arts University.

The Butterfly

Are you a butterfly?  Do you go from exciting endeavor to exciting endeavor? Are you quickly bored with the mundane?  Incorporate your Karate training into the pursuit of your own identity.  Help YOU become a finished, significant self. Global Martial Arts University can help you bring out the best IN you.  Time your learning and enthusiasm in the correct dosages and stick with it and you will ever closer get to perfection in the art of Karate and towards being a finished self, the you you really are!

The Action Star

Are you a person of action?  Repetition-boring! Freedom to do as you wish-exciting!  YOU can work or practice for hours! Karate is fun! Karate is exciting!  The kicks, the blocks, the striking! Look at you! Preciseness, boldness, timing!  But one thing you must learn-leveling up in belts and improving in Shotokan Karate is not an accident and is not done simply by repetition.  Instead, success requires analysis, success requires setting and meeting goals, and improving-and not abandoning this endeavor when boredom strikes (you know you get bored easily!) you need to look BEFORE you leap.   One of the keys to YOUR success in learning Shotokan Karate with Global Martial Arts University is for you to realize that this race is not a sprint, it is long-distance and as such, requires levels of attention to which you would prefer, if given the option, let’s be honest, to completely avoid.  You’re a do-er after all. Hate to break the bad news to you but it’s time for less scattered doing and more thinking, focusing, planning, and sticking with the plan.

So GMAU student, which type of person are you; the Member, the Perfectionist, the Butterfly, or the Action Star?  It may be important for you to understand yourself and your personality type so you can custom tailor your learning to fit YOUR personality and to steer away from pitfalls unique to your personality type, so you can excel in the online learning of Shotokan Karate.

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I am a Lead Instructor at the Global Martial Arts University. I live with my three energetic kids on a prairie in Texas. I also lead The Abundance Projects.

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Andrew Estepp July 20, 2019

I took the personality test included in this article and my result was “Artisan”. Any advice?! haha

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