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Get stronger, learn real self-defense, and become a black belt at home. The GMAU is the world-leading online martial-arts university - this is your dojo!

  • Follow along to fully-guided lessons and classes from white to black belt
  • 1,000s of students are earning internationally-accredited rank with us 
  • Get all of it at the fraction of the cost of a traditional studio
  • Achieve real rank at your own pace with one-on-one feedback
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Sean Robinson (student since 2017)

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"I really love the freedom of being able to train at home at a time and pace that suits

me. I work long hours and it's great to be able to train at a time 

when most dojos would be closed."

Jacqueline Glisson (student since 2012 )

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Train Wherever, Whenever

With the Global Martial Arts learning platform you can train wherever you want, across your favorite devices, and at times that works best with your schedule.

Fraction of the Cost of a Tradition Studio

Training at bricks-and-mortar studios can cost $100 to $200 a month or simply be non-existent in your area. With GMAU, you'll have everything you need to learn how to defend yourself for as little as $20/month. Save thousands on your path to black belt!

Master Your Favorite Style from Home

We custom tailor the learning process for you to learn in the comfort of your own home. No more having to rush to get to a class or being one in a crowd. Your journey to mastery is yours. We focus on you by providing exclusive one-on-one feedback.

Matthew Shipley  (student since 2020)

Chris Connelly (student since 2017)

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Hear from Our #GMAUStrong Students

I would like to start by saying I have no affiliation with the GMAU other than as a student. It's hard to believe that it's been more than a year that I have been training with the GMAU. This has been an awesome experience for me and I can't imagine not having this format to train with especially during the pandemic. The GMAU and Shotokan Karate are now a very important part of my life and I enjoy the training more now after more than a year than I ever have. Senseis Jon, Michael, Sarah & Jonas have been amazing throughout with their honest feedback when I submit a video for review and I find their "high fives” motivational. I truly believe they want to see me succeed. The format of the GMAU is exceptional, no other on-line martial arts instruction comes close, the videos for each level are easy to find, follow and understand, the content is exactly what you need to progress through that level and we can watch the videos as many times as we need or want to and the lower belt level videos are always there to go back and review any time. The belt level assignments and test videos are very simple to submit but in no means a "walk in the park" to achieve, I've looked at the belt level rank requirements for other Karate schools and as far as rank requirements I think the GMAU is much more thorough than any I have seen, I would match a GMAU student of any belt level with a student of the same belt level that trained in a in person school any time. I am proud to say I am a GMAU student and I look forward to continuing my journey in Shotokan Karate. I should probably mention that I was 57 years old when I started GMAU in November 2019 and 58+ now and have achieved the rank of 4th kyu purple belt working towards my 3rd kyu brown belt.

Darryl Hughes
Shotokan Student

As a husband and father, finding the time to train at a dojo had been very difficult. When I found GMAU, I was beyond excited to be able to train at my convenience, in my own home. What I didn't expect was the AMAZING Senseis and training programs that came along with GMAU. Aside from actual dojo level training, being able to speak with your Senseis 1-on-1, and have individual questions answered is something that many physical dojos may not have the time to address ... I can’t recommend this great organization enough!

Robert Hughes
Shotokan Student

The course is excellently presented and easy to follow. There are great breakdowns for all the individual techniques. Lots of classes at the lower belt levels - not so many after blue belt. More classes through blue, purple, brown would help. Also, a bit more focus on the fighting/self defence aspects of Shotokan would make the course more awesome. Overall, highly recommended!

Marcus Regan
Shotokan Karate Student

My story, 50 years old French Canadian, arthritis in the neck, ex smoker, and gaining weight, time to get in shape! But work a lots and living out of town! Always wanted to learn Bojutsu, start to look around , lol! No way I could find a full Bojutsu training in Canada. I Start to look online, just curious, and I find GMAU Bojutsu with Sensei Hodge! I’m pretty skeptical about training online. I still give it a try. At my surprise, I was really amazed by the material of this online course, lessons, classes, assignment, testing, quality of teaching, exchanges with others student, discussion board. I was really surprise when I did my first video testing, and Sensei hodge reply to me by video! And you can tell, this course is not only about money, Sensei Hodge really care about his student , we are not just a number! I took a chance with this course, and I got no regret, I’m so happy and dedicated to the end! Black belt! I’m coming!

Ken Atkinson
Ultimate Bo Student

I started training in Ultimate Bo during (COVID) quarantine, due to increasing free time and my looking for Bo training. GMAU was a pleasing surprise, and the course itself as well! I am really enjoying that as part of my training and life!

Luca Fusari
Ultimate Bo Student

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