Combat Strong: A Fitness Bootcamp Designed for Martial Artists

By Joel Williams | Fitness

Mar 29

Are you a martial artist who wants to improve strength, balance, explosive power and endurance? The new GMAU Combat Strong program is designed specifically for martial artists! In this post you will be introduced to one of GMAU’s newest instructors and learn all about this science-based program that will improve your performance and health.

Designed Specifically For Martial Artists!

Coach Weston Titus

Coach Weston Titus grew up playing sports: basketball, football and track in high school, and volleyball in college. After college he became an endurance athlete, completing in Ironman Triathlons. More recently he has been involved in competing in and coaching Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). NOTE: OCR is similar to Spartan or Tough Mudder races.

Weston is very highly qualified knowledgeable in cutting-edge aplied exercise science, nutrition and performance topics. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Kinesiology and is completing a Ph.D. in Sports Performance. He is certified in personal training and group fitness training. Weston is a faculty member in the Department of Health, Kinesiology and Recreation Management at Palomar College in San Marcos, California.

Combat Strong Coach Weston Titus

What Is Combat Strong?

Combat Strong is a fitness exercise program that can be done by anyone at home but was designed specifically for people interested in improving martial art skills. High intensity interval training is a great way to get in top shape and can be easily done at home! Combat Strong uses HIIT as the core methodology while integrating Tabata and Pyramid training principles. It is a full-body workout that develops functional fitness. You will become more efficient and build core strength. The exercises activate anterior and posterior muscle groups and will work you out in all planes of movement. Below is a list of proven benefits of HIIT training.

HIIT Benefits

Who Is It For?

Combat Strong was designed specifically for martial artists, at any fitness level (there are guidelines for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes). The program is designed to be used alongside GMAU martial arts training courses.

A nutrition guide is also in development!
This will not be a specific diet, but rather science-based recommendations for adopting a lasting lifestyle that supports sports performance.

The Combat Strong Workout For Punches

How Was It Created?

It took 2 years to create Combat Strong. Weston worked directly with Michael Hodge (GMAU Director and Head Instructor) and all of the Instructors of the various GMAU programs. Weston is a professional kinesiologist and long-time, multi-sport, competitive athlete. In my interview with him, he emphasized that he is not a martial artist. He wants everyone to understand that the development of this program was a collaboration between Sensei Hodge’s vision and input from all GMAU instructors regarding what aspects of fitness martial artists in our programs should develop.

An Interview with Weston Titus

What Are The Benefits?

As already described throughout this blog post, Combat Strong has many benefits that will produce better all around fitness!

The Components of Health-Related Fitness and Skill-Related Fitness

The Combat strong program specifically targets exercises that will:

  • Increase cardiovascular fitness level
  • Lose weight and tone muscles
  • Increase endurance and stamina
  • Increase flexibility and balance
  • Work fast twitch muscle fibers for martial arts specific muscle groups

How Do I Do It?

The workouts are built around specific martial arts movements and martial arts skills. The program has 12 weeks of guided routines that use your body weight only – NO extra equipment needed. It is recommended to do the workouts 2 to 3 days per week.

The Combat Strong Workout For Explosive Power

The Combat Strong Advantage

We are fortunate to have such an humble person in Weston Titus dedicated to bringing you the best program possible. His personal experience as an athlete, coach, fitness instructor (and especially his high level of training in exercise and nutrition) make him the perfect person for this job. I have done several of these workouts and I promise you WILL be challenged, both mentally and physically, and you WILL feel great afterwards!

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Tom Hotz April 3, 2020

What will be the fees for this program?

    Michael Hodge April 5, 2020

    We are about to announce that in a about a week and a half. This program is slated to release on April 24th. There will be just a one-time fee to purchase the 12 week bootcamp.

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