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Apr 17

What I Learned About Bojutsu from My Trip to Okinawa

By Michael Hodge | Ultimate Bo

I’ve been training with the bo since I was a kid, mainly in a style that you can call American Bojutsu. The techniques are derived from what you would find in Okinawa or even mainland Japan. I studied other forms of using the staff, and these ended up creating a new style called Ultimate Bo.

I really wanted to go back to the roots of the weapon, at least regarding recent history, and that made me want to travel to Okinawa. There was an allure to the idea of learning from grandmasters who are in the direct lineage of some kobudo greats such as Sakugawa Kanga and Taira Shinken. To actually be there and train as they have for the last several centuries, it would be like using a time machine to travel to the not-so-distant past. I also wanted to walk into my classes with a clean slate, with a white belt mindset, discarding anything that I have ever learned. Afterwards, I would synthesize everything with my greater knowledge, but in the moment itself, I didn’t want to allow for previous knowledge to impede any potential gains.

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Mar 15

How to Use a Bo for Self Defense

By Levi Potter | Ultimate Bo

Can you actually protect yourself with a bo (staff)? How could I use a walking stick, pipe, broom handle, or any other long stick to defend myself from an assailant? This is the definitive guide for using a bo for self defense.

Integrating the Bo into Your Self-Defense Plan

EDC stands for Every Day Carry and includes all the objects you carry with you on a daily basis. You’ve probably seen some outlandish examples such as this:

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Jan 14

Bō Staff Styles from Around the World

By Michael Hodge | Ultimate Bo

As historic as the bō is, since there is a severe lack of reliable and well-grounded sources detailing its early existence, it is difficult to determine accurately where it first arose. In prehistoric times, we can surmise that man’s first weapon was a rock, and his second weapon was a stick. Over time, especially when warfare between humans broke out, more advanced and sophisticated forms of fighting were developed. Not simply for sport or as an art form, but out of the necessity to preserve one’s life and protect the tribe.

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Jun 28

Launch an Ultimate Bo Program in Your School to Increase Excitement, Retention, and Revenue!

By Michael Hodge | Instructors , Ultimate Bo

As a career martial arts instructor and school owner, it is easy to get stuck in the same routine. Clean the mats, return phone calls, check emails, handle customer service issues, write out some class plans, and go teach. What happens is when tend to fall into a comfort zone.  A place where we do, more or less, the minimum effort to achieve our short term goals and complete our daily tasks. This makes life more comfortable, less risky, and also, less rewarding.

What does this have to do with launching an Ultimate Bo program in your martial arts school? By injecting new life into your school, via an exciting new class and add-on program, you will be keeping it fresh. Your students will have something new to work toward or to begin training in. They will become more well-rounded martial artists, you will improve your own understanding of weapons combat, and will have fun and grow your business along the way.

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