How to Watch GMAU Videos on a TV

Want to watch on your big screen HDTV while you practice and train? It is much easier than you might think. Below, we will go over some options for watching our GMAU videos on your television.

  •     From a Computer - If you have a computer (desktop or laptop) with a good internet connection, you have two main options to connect to your TV.

    • Google Chromecast - The chromecast device at time of writing this is just $35. You plug it into any HDTV in the HDMI slot, and plug into an outlet. Next, make sure you have the Google Chrome browser on your computer. Then, add the “Google Cast” extension to chrome. Just login to the Global Martial Arts University website, click on the cast icon in the top right corner, and whatever is on your screen will now cast to that TV!

    • HDMI Cable - This is a surefire way to connect, without the danger of lag or lower bandwidth. Simply get an HDMI cable and plug it into your computer (most newer computers have this port), plug the other end of the cable into your TV, and voila, whatever is on your computer screen will now show up on the TV.

  •     From an Android Phone or Tablet - Get a Google Chromecast. Plug it into your TV. Download the chromecast app to your android device. Go to the app, click on the menu, and select “Cast Screen/Audio.” Now your phone will be casting to the TV! Just log into the GMAU site from your site and enjoy.

  •     From an Apple iPhone/iPad - The smoothest way to mirror your screen to your TV, is by getting an Apple TV device. Once you have it plugged into your TV and set it up, you can use the airplay feature to cast whatever is on your screen to your TV.

  •     From a Roku Device - Some Roku devices offer screen mirroring. Simply follow the steps in the previous link to enable screen mirroring on your roku device, and then to do so on your compatible mobile device.

  •     From an Xbox 360 or Xbox One - Go to the Internet Explorer app. Go the the GMAU website, login, choose a video, and enjoy!

  •     From a Playstation 4 - Go the the built in web browser, go to the GMAU website, and start training!

  •     From Amazon Fire Tablet - Get an Amazon Fire TV stick. Enable mirroring on your TV stick and on your fire tablet. You can then cast your screen to the TV, and watch any GMAU video.

  •     From Smart TV, DVD Player, or Blu Ray Player - Go to the built in internet browser. Most newer TVs are internet-enabled TVs, and have this feature. Go to the GMAU website, choose a class, and start training!