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Master Muay Thai from Home. 

  • The ability to defend yourself and use the power of your "eight limbs"
  • An incredible total-body focused style, which will shred fat and build lean muscle
  • Real rank at your own pace with one on one feedback
  • All of it at the fraction of the cost of a traditional studio

Photo of Nick Vasallo, GMAU Muay Thai Instructor

Nick Vasallo, GMAU Instructor and Student

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Train Whenever, Wherever

With the Global Martial Arts learning platform you can train wherever you want to, across your favorite devices, at a time that works best with your schedule.

Fraction of the Cost of a Tradition Studio

Traditional Muay Thai studios can cost hundreds of dollars a month, with GMAU you will have everything you need to learn how to defend yourself for as little as $39/month  $30/month for pre-enrollment students. Save thousands on your path to advanced level 6 ranking!

Learn Muay Thai from Home on Your Schedule

We custom tailor the learning process for you to be able to learn in the comfort of your own home. No more having to rush to get to a session or being one in a crowd. Your journey to Muay Thai mastery is yours and we focus on you by providing exclusive one on one feedback.

GMAU Muay Thai Instructor and Student

Michael Hetherington

( Student Since 2018 )

Watch How the Course Will Work

GMAU has been teaching Martial Arts online since 2008 and we are excited to be launching this new course!


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All Lessons & Classes From Level 1 to Level 6

Connect & Train With Students in the Course

Accredited Rank Testing & Advancement

Instructor Support, Feedback & Guidance

Fresh Training Material Added Monthly

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All Lessons and Classes from Level 1 to 6

 Connect and Train with Other Students

Fresh Training Material Added Monthly

Accredited Rank Testing & Advancement

Instructor Support, Feedback & Guidance

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Cancel Anytime

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Get your level 6 certification with a lifetime membership.

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All Lessons and Classes from Level 1 to 6

Fresh Training Material Added Monthly

Accredited Rank Testing & Advancement

Instructor Support, Feedback & Guidance

Access to a lifetime membership! Only 30 total.

Save Over $1000 on Your Journey to Advanced Skill

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When GMAU Muay Thai launches (scheduled to launch on March 6th), we will add your membership access to your existing GMAU account. If you have not yet created a GMAU account, please create a free account by choosing a free beginner's course, and creating an account. You will need an account for us to add your membership.

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Hear From GMAU Students

I've studied martial arts previously, starting in kung fu and eventually doing MMA for awhile. GMAU was the first time I've got to do more traditional and formal training while earning ranks in a martial arts. I chose shotokan karate because I was always interested in learning karate. The set up is wonderful. It's super convenient for people like me who have a child/children and a job. I can train on my own time at my own pace. The videos are really well done with tons of tips and examples on how to properly preform your technique, as well other students are able to comment and commune back and forth so that we help each other along the way. Most importantly for me, is the instructors themselves. I can say with all honesty I have messaged sensei Michael and sensei Jon several times since starting my journey, and they always reply with the best advice they can give. Particularly sensei Jon, who has helped me tremendously on the side with more of the personality, mental and spiritual aspect of martial arts. He's really took the time to reply with video messages and help me get my mind more at peace while I work on my body to further assist me to one day being a karate master myself. GMAU is a great thing for those interested in martial arts but may not have time to devote to local classes

Shaun Adams
Shotokan Karate Student

The GMAU has been a fantastic fit for me. It has allowed me to further my love for martial arts at my own pace with the highest quality instruction. I absolutely love it. Instructors are always positive and supportive. I plan to be a life long student of martial arts, and I believe this is the perfect place to do it.

Dustin Richison
GMAU Student

Greetings to all readers/to whom it may concern,

This is a review of GMAU's online Shotokan course. My assessment is generally good. As a medical employee who works evening or night shift, my ability to train at a conventional dojo is very limited, so I had to find an alternative form of training. GMAU is excellent for those who, like myself, may not have the schedule or access to a conventional martial arts school. In addition, the Senseis provide interesting new content, and strive to make the whole course feel like an actual training experience in a class room.

There is great merit in that. The material itself seems to be, to me, a very traditional Japanese style of karate. If you are interested in traditional arts, and a more interesting exercise than just running or doing sit-ups, I would recommend GMAU's program.

Nathaniel Jason Binkley
Shotokan Karate Student

I have been enrolled into Shotokan Karate for the last month or so, and it has completely changed my entire outlook on life. I am a former Combat Veteran and this has helped tremendously with my PTSD. I am more focused and have less anxiety. The course is perfect for my schedule with a wife and two sons, full-time job, and working on a Master's degree. I love the fact that I can review lessons whenever and wherever on my mobile phone. I have taken and passed my first belt test, and the feedback was very helpful. I am currently working towards my 8th Kyu Yellow Belt. Everyone has been very helpful and encouraging.

Al Roucher
Shotokan Karate Student

The title of US Marine was not given to me, I earned it (man oh man, how I earned it).
I was not given my degree in higher education, that I earned.
My professional license was not handed to me, I earned it.

Through years of work, sweat, dedication, and time commitments for my personal growth balanced with commitments to family and work life, my impending black belt achievement through the GMAU Shotokan Karate program will not be handed to me, I will have earned it. Proudly.

Sensei Jon and Sensei Jonas (and all the GMAU instructors) are incredible teachers. They are supportive in my journey as a karateka and encouraging in my personal growth and dedicated to the art.

Before committing to a martial arts journey, I did a ton of internet research. I found numerous dojos within driving distance of my home. Each dojo had its posted schedule, average cost and particular style of martial arts (mostly TKD, Krav Maga and BJJ, all excellent in their own right). However, their schedule did not match my schedule. Their long term cost was an extraordinary burden to my budget. And their style of martial arts was not exactly what I wanted at this time.

Joining GMAU Shotokan Karate has allowed me to walk the path of the peaceful warrior in my own time, at my own pace and in my chosen space.

Of the many paths I have walked (and continue to walk) throughout my life, I can say, with confidence, GMAU is an incredibly positive choice for me. The course is affordable. The classes are bite sized, in depth and easy to follow. The support is phenomenal.

The path I chose is laid before me. The most difficult step is the first one. Even though this is an online program, I know I do not walk this path alone. The GMAU community of students are wonderfully supportive and encouraging. My black belt achievement will not be the end of the journey, it is a starting point to a wider path. And, I am having FUN!

Sean Robinson
Shotokan Karate Student

Ready for a Stronger and Faster You in 2020?

Love it, or your money back - 60 Day Guarantee. Discounts only available to pre-enrollment.

Course Overview 

Your Path to Mastery

Our Muay Thai program will give you everything you need to learn the ancient art of self defense from our education platform to one on one feedback.

Feel Stronger and Faster by Training Muay Thai at Home & at Your Own Pace.

Muay Thai training is a dynamic total body workout. The punches, blocks, kicks, and sparring drills give you a cardio workout while utilizing all muscles groups during a class.

Be more confident through learning real self defense applications and traditional fighting methods.

A Complete Guided Course from Beginner (Level 1) to Black Belt Equivalent (Level 6).

Every technique is instructed in an easy to follow format, showing multiple angles, and home training drills. All filmed in our new studio in HD.

With dozens of complete follow-along classes, which include a warm up, technique training, drills, conditioning, and stretching.

Fresh Training Every Month, with New Ways for You to Practice and Progress.

New training lessons and classes release every month. There is always something new to do.

New tools are being added to the GMAU student dashboard to make training at home fun and successful.

Earn Real Rank and Get Instructor Feedback from Seasoned Instructor.

Once you’ve learned the rank requirements and logged enough hours, you can submit your video test!

Ask your instructor questions, and get video reviews with corrections and feedback.

Nick Vasallo, Your Muay Thai Instructor

Instructor Support With Anytime Feedback

Follow along classes and workouts. Just like being in the dojang with your Instructor. The classes include a warm up, technique instruction, drills, variety, and stretching to keep your training fun and different.

Message Your Instructor and Get Your Progress Reviewed Anytime.

Interact directly with your instructor whenever you need guidance.

Submit a video for review and corrections if you need some extra support.

Find a Training Partner with the Student Locator.

Easily locate and connect with other GMAU students in your area.

Start a “Global Garage” and start training with friends.

Train with other near by students with the student locator

Earn Accredited Rank in Muay Thai at Home

You can test and achieve accredited rank in Muay Thai, through our proven video testing and feedback process.

Test and Receive Detailed Feedback and Corrections from Your Instructor.

Submit your video test. No negativity or anxiety, we use testing as a form of improvement and progress.

Receive a personalized feedback video and detailed guidance from your instructor.

​Once You Pass, We will Mail you the Official Certificate of Rank.

After all of that hard work, you deserve the officially accredited certification.

Certificates issued are the same as those awarded to students training with us locally.


Love it, or your money back - 60 Day Guarantee. Discounts only available to pre-enrollment students!