Master Muay Thai from Home. 

  • The ability to defend yourself and use the power of your "eight limbs"
  • An incredible total-body focused style, which will shred fat and build lean muscle
  • Real rank at your own pace with one on one feedback
  • All of it at the fraction of the cost of a traditional studio

Take advantage of this chance to get into the best shape of your life with our no commitment FREE beginners course!

Photo of Nick Vasallo, GMAU Muay Thai Instructor

Nick Vasallo, GMAU Instructor and Student

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Join 1,000s of students in more than 50 different countries who are getting stronger and training with us every day.

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Train Whenever, Wherever

With the Global Martial Arts learning platform you can train wherever you want to, across your favorite devices, at a time that works best with your schedule.

Fraction of the Cost of a Tradition Studio

Traditional Muay Thai studios can cost hundreds of dollars a month, with GMAU you will have everything you need to learn how to defend yourself for as little as $16.25/month (with the Path to Black Belt plan). Save thousands on your path to advanced level 6 ranking!

Learn Muay Thai from Home on Your Schedule

We custom tailor the learning process for you to be able to learn in the comfort of your own home. No more having to rush to get to a session or being one in a crowd. Your journey to Muay Thai mastery is yours and we focus on you by providing exclusive one on one feedback.

GMAU Muay Thai Instructor and Student

Coach Nick Vasallo

( GMAU Muay Thai Instructor )

Watch How the Course Works

GMAU has been teaching Martial Arts online since 2008 and we are excited to be launching this new course!

Ready for a Stronger and Faster You?

We are currently offering a FREE Muay Thai course so that you can take your first step towards protecting yourself and the ones you love. This is a no commitment offer with no credit card details needed. Our hope is that you love learning the basics of Muay Thai from us and using our proven online teaching method that you sign up as a dedicated student.

Course Overview 

Your Path to Mastery

Our Muay Thai program will give you everything you need to learn the ancient art of self defense from our education platform to one on one feedback.

Feel Stronger and Faster by Training Muay Thai at Home & at Your Own Pace.

Muay Thai training is a dynamic total body workout. The punches, blocks, kicks, and sparring drills give you a cardio workout while utilizing all muscles groups during a class.

Be more confident through learning real self defense applications and traditional fighting methods.

A Complete Guided Course from Beginner (Level 1) to Black Belt Equivalent (Level 6).

Every technique is instructed in an easy to follow format, showing multiple angles, and home training drills. All filmed in our new studio in HD.

With dozens of complete follow-along classes, which include a warm up, technique training, drills, conditioning, and stretching.

Fresh Training Every Month, with New Ways for You to Practice and Progress.

New training lessons and classes release every month. There is always something new to do.

New tools are being added to the GMAU student dashboard to make training at home fun and successful.

Earn Real Rank and Get Instructor Feedback from Seasoned Instructor.

Once you’ve learned the rank requirements and logged enough hours, you can submit your video test!

Ask your instructor questions, and get video reviews with corrections and feedback.

Nick Vasallo, Your Muay Thai Instructor

Instructor Support With Anytime Feedback

Follow along classes and workouts. Just like being in the dojang with your Instructor. The classes include a warm up, technique instruction, drills, variety, and stretching to keep your training fun and different.

Message Your Instructor and Get Your Progress Reviewed Anytime.

Interact directly with your instructor whenever you need guidance.

Submit a video for review and corrections if you need some extra support.

Find a Training Partner with the Student Locator.

Easily locate and connect with other GMAU students in your area.

Start a “Global Garage” and start training with friends.

Train with other near by students with the student locator

Earn Accredited Rank in Muay Thai at Home

You can test and achieve accredited rank in Muay Thai, through our proven video testing and feedback process.

Test and Receive Detailed Feedback and Corrections from Your Instructor.

Submit your video test. No negativity or anxiety, we use testing as a form of improvement and progress.

Receive a personalized feedback video and detailed guidance from your instructor.

​Once You Pass, We will Mail you the Official Certificate of Rank.

After all of that hard work, you deserve the officially accredited certification.

Certificates issued are the same as those awarded to students training with us locally.

Hear From GMAU Students

My experience training in Krav Maga online with Global Martial Arts University has been both rewarding and difficult.

For someone who was very accustomed to showing up for martial arts class and going through the motions, I came to realize that if I was going to be successful in the online program, I needed to learn a different form of self discipline.

It is both amazing and overwhelming to have all your training technics laid out for you in vivid detailed videos. From the first basic teachings all the way to the most advanced I have everything all there ready to watch!

I'm learning to pace myself, but also understand that there's really nothing stopping me from earning my ranks at a faster pace. I don't need to wait for the next class, or for my next test 6 months to a year away, like I do with in class training. It's all there for me, I just need to keep moving forward, step by step.

With that in mind I have to express the importance of having a committed training partner. However, even without a regular partner many of the technics can be practiced, and I've even been able to recruit some family and friends to help out when my regular partner isn't available.

To speak more specifically about the GMAU website, I have to say I am very impressed with the level of ease in navigating the student section of the website, and have really enjoyed the benefits of the features and sense of community when I make comments and journal log my training time. It seems like the instructors are always watching and waiting to give feedback and are super fast to answer any questions I have.

In regard to the video submission and review for my testing, I'll admit I was sceptical first starting out; but I have been very pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of their system.

When I submit videos I always get a detailed video response back a from my instructor as to what I need to improve and where I'm really excelling in my training. It's quite different from some of my experience with in class grading, where I'm showing a technic for my instructor, but because there are 30 more people in the class, there's just no time for the instructor to give detailed constructive criticism, and most of the time it's a whole group of people all showing a technice together.

With GMAU video tests, my instructors see my technic in different angles and take the time to really examine everything. For my last review my instructor commented on the detail of how I was over twisting my front foot when I delivered a jab. I've been doing jabs for years in front of other instructors but no one gave me such a detailed correction; I thought it was awesome! As a martial artist it's important for me to be executing technics properly and in good form, so I really appreciate the helpful advice that I get from my GMAU instructor. It's also really good to be able to watch the videos of myself. Although sometimes it makes me cringe to watch.

Another great part of the GMAU student website is the extras. There are not only lessons but classes that I can follow along with, and cardio workouts and just too much other good stuff. I've only just started checking out what they have.

Believe me when I say that if you want to be busy learning and training there is hours and hours of excellent teaching!

I really have no complaints whatsoever about the program. It's affordable, has great detailed instruction and a community of instructors that actually care about my training, and don't allow shortcuts. My Krav Maga training has been a blast!

Christopher Connelly
Krav Maga Student

I stumbled upon Global Martial Arts University by looking for online classes to broaden my close quarter combat. I found that they taught Krav Maga. Instantly I got excited because I have always wanted to study this, but do to the travel time to the closest place It was not possible to study this. My excited was met with apprehension due to the fact it was an online school and with a monthly fee. So I did what every practitioner does and I asked questions. A matter of fact question after question until I was satisfied that the instructors were legit and the program was solid.

I was very pleased that the response for my questions were very timely. I mean some were within hours of asking which I found amazing. I have spoke with the instructors and they never hesitate to answer any and all questions.

I have been studying Krav Maga a little over a month. It’s a great workout for me and my family. Yes I said family. My sons are my training partners and my middle son has a focus of gaining rank as well. With GMAU it easy for him to gain rank with me because he’s my training partner and instead of creating a new account just for him he’s allowed to use my dashboard for lessons at a fraction of the cost.

I am looking forward to this journey that I am on and cant wait to test.

Rick Lucas
Krav Maga Student

I admit was was a little doubtful of an online Karate course. But I started with the free section and quickly purchased a lifetime membership. I live in an area where we do not have any Karate instructors and the ones out of the area were very expensive. At GMAU I get great instruction, dedicated and very knowledgeable instructors, and I also get to review the class or technique as often as I want in the privacy of my own home and office.
I would recommend GMAU even if you have a dojo next door. These guys are just that great!

Jeff McCoy
Shotokan Karate Student

Its a demanding course, but for every step you take you grow as a person and student. The setup with the films is great and also the assignments. My instructor Dustin Koppel is great, challenge me and set high standards for my tests.

Daniel Eriksson
Krav Maga Student

Two chevrons!  Level up!  Passed my progress check! Won a tournament!  Posted in the forum!

These phrases fly around my mind when I reflect on my last year with Global Martial Arts University but it is so, SO much more than that. GMAU isn't just about paying some money, learning a martial art and getting fit.

It's about belonging to, and participating in something bigger than yourself.
It's about making a commitment that counts and sticking with it to the end, no matter what obstacles might come your way (and I've had a few).
It's about making a difference, obviously only to your own life, but - more importantly - to someone else's, with the help of a computer or a smartphone, and your own experience and insights, to help shape their experience in their own journey.

It's about family.

The best thing I ever did was take out a lifetime membership to start training, knowing that this was what I had always wanted to do since I was a kid, but never really having had an opportunity to make it happen. I made a financial commitment of significance, and now I owed it to myself to make it worthwhile. And since picking up my first ever home-made bo staff only two years ago (I'm living proof that a solid curtain rod will do), my life has become enriched through my training on many levels. The changes were initially subtle, but they remain a permanent marker of change in the timeline of my life. The journey continues and the struggles are real, but with discipline and consistency, anyone can prove themselves bigger, if they want it.

I'm stronger than I ever used to be.
I'm fitter than I would have been for my age.
I have a deeper level of self awareness and personal respect.
But most of all, I'm a bigger person than I was before I started.

I'm hooked on bo.

Exceptionally crafted and detailed lessons; professionally graded examinations by rank with prompt and personalised feedback on your progress; an easy to follow pathway that guides you to the next level; and a global social online interactive hangout to engage with other students - and all this for each of the 4 different martial arts to choose from - are just some of the reasons to get involved. Every ounce of time and effort, sweat, muscle aches, schedule, sacrifice, and salary is worth it. And best of all, you can do at your own place, at your own pace, and at your own time even meet and have a spar with your peers, if geography allows. Oh yes, and the live sessions totally rock!

It's time to start levelling up! It's time to change your reality and become a better you! It is time. They say hindsight is 20/20 vision. Well I say, make 2020 your ultimate vision! What's your excuse? If you look hard enough, you’ll find that there really is none that will stand up to this one fact: you’ve read this far…now to take the next step, and take control, and reshape your future for the better.

Jamie Hibbert
Ultimate Bo Student


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