30 Days to Higher Kicks: A Guided Plan with Exercises

By Joel Williams | Taekwondo

Sep 05
30 Days to Higher Kicks

Do you have tight hips and legs? Does your kicking suffer from a lack of flexibility? If so, you just found a 30-day plan that will improve your kicking ability! Follow along with 3rd Dan Taekwondo Instructor, Adam Gerrald, as he leads you through a scientific approach to improve your kicking flexibility.

This resource is professionally produced and takes all of the planning out of your routine. Simply view the video of Instructor Adam demonstrating and explaining each stretch then use the FREE PDF download, which includes pictures of each stretch, as a reference. At the end of this PDF file is a handy 30-day checklist you can use as a guide for which stretches to do on each day (and when to rest).

Follow along with Instructor Adam as he leads you through each stretch:

A complete reference video, showing you how to do every exercise in this routine.

Download the complete 30 day workout program here.

30 Days to Higher Kicks
Download the Printable Workout Plan Here

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