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90 Day Challenge: Earn Your Next Belt, Win Prizes, Level Up Your Life

Introducing the 90 Day Student Challenge. We are challenging you to earn your next belt within the next 90 days. Whether it is your white belt in shotokan, yellow belt in krav maga, or even red chevron in Ultimate Bo - everyone is welcome to enter the challenge. You simply need to be an enrolled Global Martial Arts University student.

The winner of the challenge will receive a $400 gift certificate to a cruise line of their choice (such as Carnival or Royal Caribbean). The runner-up will receive a custom GMAU training kit with two practice targets, boxing gloves, and a bag. All participants who complete the challenge will also receive a limited edition t-shirt, no one else in the world can wear this shirt. Not only that, but if you complete the challenge, it meant that you took your rank exam, and hopefully passed it! Even if you don’t pass, your instructor will give you kind and detailed feedback, so that you can re-submit corrections.

We are also donating $10 for each student that enters the challenge, to Global Giving. Global Giving collects and administers funds to those affected by natural disasters around the world. We hope to have some impact on those in the wake of hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and other emergencies.

How it Works

  1. You will register for the challenge. You have until September 22nd to register to be included as a participant.
  2. You are required to write one blog post or upload one video each week. You will be documenting your journey during the challenge for others to watch and learn from. You can start a blog or use your youtube channel, whatever makes more sense to you.
  3. Take your rank exam within the next 90 days.
  4. In late December, GMAU students will vote on all rank exam videos from the challenge participants. The winners and all participants will receive their prizes.

Step One - Register for the Challenge

First of all, you have to be an enrolled GMAU student in order to enter the challenge. In case you are not yet an active student, this is the perfect time to join! Simply go to the course page of your choice, and enroll with the monthly or biannual membership option.

If you are an actively enrolled student, then scroll down to the bottom of this page to register.

Step Two - Document Your Journey Each Week

Part of the challenge, is letting your followers and supporters see the ups and downs of your training experience on your way to the next belt. It is required that you do at least one blog post or video each week along the way. We realize that you might test before the 90 days is over (12 weeks). You are required to post at least 6 updates along the way, if you happen to finish and test early.

So, for example, if you are already have sufficient traning hours when you begin this challenge, and will test soon, you will at least need to post 6 updates. Maybe a blog post or video every three days for example.

But, for everyone else, who trains for the entire 90 days, once a week is required. Also, definitely post something after you have taken your exam and received feedback from your instructor!

Option One: Document with a Blog

The first option, is to create a blog for this challenge. This is a great way for you to write a post, include some photos or a quick video even if you would like to. We recommend creating a free blog with: Wordpress, Blogger, or Tumblr.

We ask that you name the blog something relevant to your training. Who knows, you might gain so many followers and be touching, and inspiring others, that you continue writing on this blog throughout your entire journey to black belt! Here are some name ideas:

  • Michael’s Martial Arts Journey at Home
  • The Smith Family Learns Krav Maga
  • Tim’s Krav Maga Training at Home
  • Cindy Learns Bojutsu

Make sure and mention that you are training with the Global Martial Arts University and also the 90 Day Challenge.

Some things to write about in your posts:

  • What you have been training on that week (techniques, stances, certain defenses, types of drills, exercises)
  • What has been giving you problems, where are your weak areas?
  • Did you do anything special that week, watch a movie, read a book, or anything that affected your martial arts training.
  • Include a photo of your training space, talk about what you wear when you train, your gloves, mirror, mitts, mats, etc.
  • Talk about any interactions that you have had with your instructor or others students.

Option Two: Document with Videos

If you are not much of a writer, and prefer to just talk about your experience, the video option will be great. Simply film a video with your smartphone or a camera, and then upload it to your youtube account. If you would prefer not to mix this with other videos on your channel, you could create a separate channel for this challenge. The videos do need to be set as public, so that others can find them and learn more about your training.

We ask that you name the videos something relevant, such as:

  • Global Martial Arts University Shotokan Challenge: Week 1
  • GMAU Krav Maga 90 Day Challenge: Update 1 - Burpees, Hammer Fists, and Groin Kicks!
  • GMAU Ultimate Bo Student Challenge - Week 1

You can talk about what you have been doing that week, give your followers an update on how you feel about your progress to the next belt, anything else that is relevant, etc. Make sure and include links to the GMAU site.

Share Your Posts on Social Media

After you post each blog article or youtube video, make sure and share it on social media. You can share it on facebook, instagram, or twitter (for example). Use the hashtags: #GMAU90DayChallenge and #GlobalMartialArtsUniversity so that we can find your posts. This way we can confirm that you are completing the requirement of documenting your journey.

Step Three: Take Your Rank Exam

Once you have completed the requirements, and feel ready to test, then you can submit your rank exam on the GMAU site. The instructions for filming your rank exam video can be found on the testing tab while logged into your student account.

Your instructor will do a detailed grading, and get back to you with a personal feedback video. If you pass, we will mail you the certificate of rank! If you do not pass the first time, you will be given feedback and instructions on how to re-submit your exam corrections (there is no cost for re-testing).

Step Four: Students will Vote on the Best Test Video

We are going to send a message to all GMAU students at the end of the 90 days. They will have the list of participants and a link to watch each rank exam video, along with a secure voting page. The votes will be tallied, and we will award the prizes!

Challenge Winner: $400 Credit to a Cruise Line. If you do not live in a country where you can take a cruise, we can give you a credit for airfare or hotel.

Runner-Up: Custom GMAU Training Kit. 2 practice targets, pair of GMAU boxing gloves, and a drawstring carry bag.

All Who Complete the Challenge: Challenge T-Shirt. All who enter and complete the challenge (submit their rank exam, and documented their journey with a post each week), will have this shirt mailed to them.

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