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Journey to Shotokan Black Belt with Charles

Charles Penoyer, who hails from a small town in the hill country in Texas, has taken the first step toward earning his shodan in Shotokan Karate, by enrolling into the Global Martial Arts University. His entire journey from white to black belt will be documented in a series of “private lesson” style classes taught by Sensei Jon Hodge, the head instructor of the GMAU Shotokan course.

New Follow-Along Classes at Every Belt Level

This is not only a way for you to watch a true beginner to the martial arts, as he goes through the ups and downs, mistakes, challenges, and victories at each step; but also a way for you to re-energize your own home training. The GMAU Shotokan Course already provides the entire syllabus in easy to follow instructional lesson videos, as well as dozens of follow along classes. But, this new “Journey to Black Belt with Charles” series will allow you to take every step along with him, as you grow and progress through the ranks.

We will be filming a special white belt introductory course, with a few classes just to get you started. You will then be able to test to earn your white belt.

After this, the real training to the first color belt (yellow belt), will be begin. We plan on filming around 24 classes at each belt level. This will give you two classes a week to do at home, for three months, at each belt level (along with the other instructional lessons and classes at your disposal).

Vlog and Blog Posts

Charles will also write and film regular updates along the way. He’ll discuss how shotokan training is affecting other aspects of his life. He’ll talk about the good, bad, and ugly. This will be the first time a student’s real journey through the ranks will be documents.

Make sure and subscribe to the Global Martial Arts University Youtube Channel for updates, or simply login to your GMAU account. If you don’t have a free GMAU account yet, get one! Free accounts will be able to watch his updates in the “Extra Training” section of the website.

Interact with Charles on the GMAU & Social Media

Charles is an enrolled student in the Global Martial Arts University. Not only will he be taking private lesson style classes with Sensei Jon in person, but he will use the website, and train at home with the videos. We have a new “Discussion Board” feature coming soon to the site. You will be able to interact with Charles, get to know him, and discuss your own journey.

Charles will be posting other updates on social media. Be sure and follow him:

Twitter: @CharlesPenoyer

Instagram: @Charles Penoyer

Facebook: Charles Penoyer

Now is the Time to Begin Your own Training

This is the perfect opportunity to begin your own journey to black belt, to become the best version of you, through the life-changing benefits of the martial arts. Be sure and create a free GMAU Shotokan account today to begin training, and then enroll as an official student.